What We Do

We provide production ready plugin software for the 3d rendering community.

A "shader" is a specific name for a type of plugin to a 3d renderer that can customize anything from color, shading, lighting, displace geometry, texture support, and so much more. We have 10+ years of experience in big budget high end feature film production developing custom "shaders" to such studios as Disney, Sony Pictures, and Industrial Light + Magic.

Hand-in-hand with our shading software are High Dynamic Range Images (HDRI, or HDR's), which drive realistic lighting response in our shaders, and are used in all aspects of 3d rendering, regardless of the rendering software you are using.

View all our product lines (shaders, HDRI, tools) on our Products site.


If you are looking for a specific look that is either photo-realistic or artistically stylized, is ready for production, and can be tailored to your artists' needs, please contact us with any questions you might have. If you don't have the budget for your own R&D team to create this type of custom software for your feature film production, commercial, or any 3d CG rendering, our shaders will minimize your cost since they are production ready and already built. We have succesfully created custom shading software in RenderMan for many clients internationally, and would be happy to talk to you about your custom needs.

Contact us at info@lollipopshaders.com for any questions or custom shading and rendering needs.

To view some Case Study Testimonails from previous clients, please see our Case Studies page here.